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Bienclair instant sanitizer gel 70% alcohol 500ml

Bienclair instant sanitizer gel 70% alcohol 500ml

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Designed to clean, protect and refresh hands, without towel or water. It is ideal for your personal hygiene, clinical use, preparing food and wherever hygiene is of the utmost importance. A drop is sufficient for hydration and simultaneous disinfection of your hands, fighting 99.9% of microbes. Try it at home, at work, on an excursion, at school.

  • Dries in 10-15 seconds leaving a feeling of freshness
  • Contains noble softening ingredients for soft skin
  • Cleans the pores from dirt and germs
  • Moisturises and does not irritate the skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Ideal for all uses
  • It is not toxicologicaly harmful.
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